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  1. Recognition of Passive Euthanasia by Aditi Singh
  2. Controversies on Citizenship in India by Saloni Gautam
  3. Crypto-Currency and Tax Challenges by Rishabh Shukla
  4. Crimes Against Women by Muskan Bhardwaj
  5. Online Violence by Muskan Bhardwaj
  6. Personal Data Protection Law: Critical Analysis by Muskan Bhardwaj
  7. Right to Equality, Right to Pray, and Gender Biased Religious Organizations by Saloni Gautam
  8. Swiss Ribbon Judgment - An Analysis by Muskan Bhardwaj
  9. India in Space: Chandrayaan 2 by Deepanshu Jain
  10. National IPR Policy 2016 - A Brief Study by Saloni Gautam
  11. Trade Mark Under Indian Law by Agam Verma
  12. Are Software Patents Dead by Rishabh Shukla
  13. Domain Names as Trade Mark by Agam Verma
  14. Industrial Designs by Rishabh Shukla
  15. Patent: An Intellectual Property Right by Agam Verma
  16. Property Disputes, Law and Alternate Dispute Resolutions System in India by Saloni Gautam
  17. Hierarchy of the Courts in India by Saloni Gautam
  18. Budget 2019 by Deepanshu Jain
  19. Welfare Of The Child Principle by Rohan Aneja
  20. The Legality of Contracts When Not Registered by Muskan Bhardwaj
  21. Muslim Women (Protection of Marriage) Bill 2019: An Analysis by Arnav Gulati
  22. P2P Lending: Global and Indian Scenario by Rishabh Shukla
  23. Products and Services: Protecting Your Data by Harshini Mu
  24. Regulation of Legal Education in India by Sreelakshmi S Kurup
  25. In-efficacious Existing Laws and Persisting Hardships of Animals by Dhiraj Rao
  26. Social Discrimination in Our Society by Riya Gulati
  27. Witness Protection for Effective Legal Regime in India by Yamini Bisht
  28. Capital Punishment: The Pros and Cons by Ayush Garg
  29. Prostitution: A Vague Concept by Divya Vishal
  30. Innovations in Medical Technology by Harshini Mu
  31. Gearing Up For The Next Phase Of Health Care by Harshini Mu
  32. Gibbs Rule: Anachronism Or A Quintessential Part? by Ankit Tewari
  33. Protect Your Domain And Business Online by Rishabh Shukla
  34. Revisiting Role Of Speaker by Advik Rijul
  35. Right To Die With Dignity by Priya Sharma
  36. IBC: An Analysis Of Circular on February 12 by Priya Sharma
  37. Free and Fair Elections by Pratik Mudreja
  38. Consumer Protection Bill 2019: An Analysis by Deepanshu Jain
  39. Determining Paternity Matter Under Indian Law by Prerna Deep
  40. The Annihilation of Right to Information: RTI (Amendment) Bill 2019 by Shashwat Bhutani & Ritwick Sharma
  41. Home Buyer's Amendment: A Panacea or An Antidote by Naman Maheshwari
  42. Innovation Sandbox: SEBI's Approach to Fintech in India by Chandan Mohanty
  43. Lex Contractus v Substantive Law of Seat: Settling the Conundrum of Determining Law Under Arbitration by Tanuj Agarwal  
  44. Why 10% Reservation for economically Weaker Section is Not Justified by Pranav Karwa
  45. Constitutional Issues by Aashvi Shah
  46. Football Against Fakes: How IPR Can Be Used To Fight Counterfeited Goods in Football by Harsh Chouhan
  47. Article 370 Repealed: J&K and Ladakh New Union Territories by Deepanshu Jain & Aayush Akar
  48. The Right And The Need Of Maintaining Anonymity Of A Victim Of Sexual Harassment by Tejas Hinder
  49. Artificial Intelligence for Cross Examination by Sourish Roy 
  50. The Mavlankar Rule: The Selection of A Leader of Opposition by Devansh Bhargava
  51. Abrogation of Article 370 by Palreddy Vinay 
  52. The Tale of International Criminal Tribunals by Prerna Deep
  53. Exception of Counterclaim to Bar of Moratorium under Section 14 of IBC by Aakarsh Kumar
  54. Decoding Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act 2019 by Shreya Chaurasia & Masoom Agrawal
  55. Surrogacy Regulation Bill in India by Nishtha Gupta