Greetings everyone!
As an organization, we strive to bring you the best content possible in the field of current legal issues and legal procedures. At the onset, we thank all you for being a part of the LegumVox family! 
To show you our gratitude, we have introduced a webinar series. These webinars will be conducted every Sunday and will be notified on this page. Hope to see you at the next webinar!
Team LegumVox
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List of Webinars
  1. Dos and Don'ts While Filing a Plaint by Adv. Akshay Bavare [03.05.2020] (Part 1) (Part 2) 
  2. Radical Changes in Insolvency Laws and the Impact of COVID-19 on IBC by Adv. S P Singh Chawla [10.05.2020] (Download PPT)
  3. Future Prospects of Law with Company Secretary by Adv. S P Singh Chawla and Dr. Vidhi Madaan Chaddha [14.05.2020] (Link) (Download PPT)
  4. Enforceability of Domestic and International Arbitral Awards by Adv. Aditya Jain and Adv. Neha Gyamlani [17.05.2020] (Link) (Download Reading Material)
  5. Indian Legal System and Mental Health by Ms. Neha Manglani [23.05.2020] (Link)
  6. COVID-19 and Rights of Vulnerable Groups: Our Children by Adv. Amitosh Pareek [25.05.2020] (Link)
  7. Honing you Research Skills: SCC Online and its Vast Set of Features by Mr. Prakhar Srivastava [28.05.2020] (Link)
  8. COVID-19: Can You Avoid Paying Rent by Mr. Ambuj Sonal [30.05.2020] (Link) (Download PPT)